Who made SatelliteDirect?

So you might be wondering who’s behind SatelliteDirect? The software is made by a company called ETV Corp.

Solely in 2009 the company won the following awards for Satellitedirect:

  • Best of the web 2009 (5 stars)
  • Quality assurance seal 2009 (for software reviews)
  • 100% clean (no spyware, no adware, no viruses)

Looking at reviews posted at their website you’ll find testimonials like:

“I was amazed by your large collection of channels; my cable company only had a quarter of your content. Great stuff!”


“Thanks to your software, I cancelled my costly TV Cable service. Money well spent!”

Recently ETV Corp also launched a digital movie download service called fullmovies.com. You basically sign up, pay yearly fee and stream movies to your computer over the internet. It looks like an interesting service but there are not a lot of reviews and I haven’t tried it myself, so we’ll just have to wait.